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I'm Miyako. If you are looking for me you will probably find me somewhere off the beaten path taking in nature to its fullest with my two little sidekicks by my side. I love the mountains almost more than anything.  Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling every time you see something so beautiful in nature it makes you want to cry? This Colorado girl loves her cool fresh crisp air and a roaring river to sit by. I love seeing the first snow falling down while being cozy inside with a fire. I'm a fall girl so you will mostly see me in leggings and sweaters and watching any fall/Halloween movie I can get my hands on.  One of my favorite fall movies of all time that most people don't know about is Simon Birch.  Add it to your list of movies you won't regret it!

I love moving call me crazy but it's one of my favorite things. Growing up an Army brat and now having a husband in the Air Force I'm ready to leave every 3 years. My husband's career has since brought us to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota which I'm assuming we'll be here for a while. Even if the 3-year mark has come and gone. 



 Mommy to J & E - Married to the man that stole my heart 

                                 - Artist -Photographer.


How It All Began.

In 2012 I began the journey of motherhood. Like any new mother, I wanted a camera to capture my little one's every moment.  So naturally, I was gifted my first camera, and boom I instantly became a professional photographer.

Well......not quite ; )

It took me a couple of years with some schooling stuffed in there and a lot of models to really figure out what I was doing and my niche. 


As an artist, I have really come to love golden hour (sunset) to photograph families. I have lived in many states so you will see my adventures with families that have taken me to all different places outdoors. Our sessions will venture into the mountains, meadows, beaches, and even your own home. 


I am a true believer in the little moments and life's stories. As a family adventure photographer, I want to capture you and your loved ones exactly the way you are. Join me during golden hour on top of a mountain or in a golden field of grass and watch the magic come to life.

On my adventure with you, I want you to play, laugh, pick a wildflower, and jump from rock to rock all while letting me capture your story and the little moments you want to treasure forever.

A little about me

not your average photographer

Hey Friend!

These are a few of

my favorite things







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Being a part of your special day, is my absolute favorite.

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