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Family Black Hills Adventures

Here in the Black Hills we are slowly but surely rounding the corner to spring. I have been exploring a bit the last week and I have been seeing little green buds emerging and little speckles of green grass trying to make its entrance.

The Black Hills has so much to offer for your spring, summer and fall adventures. The crip air and the bright green of spring will have any adventure wanting more. Summer is very warm and the hills are bustling with families camping and exploring this great part of our state. Oh, how the fall leaves glisten in the sun. You really can't go wrong with the seasons here they all make a great backdrop for beautiful family photos.

I was lucky enough to capture these adventurous kiddos this winter. Sure it was a bit chilly but they were troopers and hiked into one of my favorite spots. The golden grass just says it all and to have two amazing models was the cherry on top.

I mean look at that creamy light! Hiking around the Black hills you tend to find those gem spots and this is truly one of my favorites. If you are ever in Rapid City or the Black Hills area and want to have a photoshoot at this location make sure to message me. It is located right here in Rapid!

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